The Position of Number Forty in the Verses and Traditions and Its Moral Impact

In investigating the position of number forty and its moral impact in Islamic verses and traditions, firstly, number forty in the course of time was gathered by a vast field study, and, secondly, the compilation of number forty was made consistent by a scientific – narration (library) method with reference to Koran’s verses and Muhammad’s (may God bless him) traditions, and, finally, number forty’s moral impact, which describers its impact in the perfection itself in the framework of religious thought and the way of the household of the prophet of Islam (peace be upon them), was taken into consideration.

By: Saeed Ghazipour



۲ نظر

  1. سلام و تشکر
    مطالب آموزنده و هر کدام یک کتاب است.خیلی ممنونم

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