The Comprehensive – Thematic Interpretation of the Holy Quran: A Survey of the Quranic Sura “Al-Hamd”

My Ph.D dissertation in the discipline of Quranic sciences and Hadith has been written on the comprehensive – thematic interpretation of the Holy Quran.
My dissertation’s title would be “The Comparative Scrutiny of the Interpretational Points of the Quranic Sura “Al – Hamd” and its peripheral words with respect to different Curricula and Trends”. This dissertation was written with the supervision of Dr. Seyyed Mahdi Shirazi, and was completed by my advisor, Dr. Fatima Husseini Mir Seifi. During the compiling of my dissertation, I was fortunate enough to take full advantage of the presence and assistance of some of my caring friends who I discussed the Quranic Sura “Al – Hamd” with in several sessions, which will be presented in this dissertation. It is obvious and evident that the will of God, the Almighty surpasses our understanding and comprehension, so, what is presented in the following dissertation will be stated with necessary precautions, and will be shared with the readership as probable interpretations, perceptions, and views. Therefore, the door of interpretation in achieving truths will always be opened. I would also like to pay my tribute to all the efforts that Dr. Ali Reza Fattahi made in arranging the discussion sessions. Also, I specially would like to thank Dr. Hamed Khorram Shokouh who helped me in gathering the discussions written in the following dissertation.
God’s humblest creature:
Dr. Sa’eed Ghazipour

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