Investigation of Patient’s Knowledge Rate of the Patient’s Rights Charter in Namazi and Faqihi Hospitals in the year 2004

In recent years, a great change has been made on the patient’s rights among different nations and a vast number of policies have been made in this regard. Although, depending on the different social and cultural norms of the society, the nature of the raised rights among different nations differ, these rights must be taken into consideration as a fundamental and international agreement; rights such as respect for personal bounds, observing the confidentiality of medical information, the possibility of receiving or rejecting the treatment by the patient, and knowing the drug effects and treatment measures. Considering the importance of the matter and the attention paid to the client’s reverence and observing the patient’s rights in our country especially in recent years, it is essential that we are informed about the patient’s level of knowledge of their own rights.

Executive Manager: Dr. Saeed Ghazipour

Assistants: Dr. Sezaneh Haghpanah, Reza Sadeghi Mehr & Masoumeh Kherad



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