A Collection of Essayistic Tests

Mankind has not been created but for worshipping God and obtaining knowledge on the earth. Man will not convert to Islam, if there is no desire for peace and reconciliation in him. Similarly, sending prophets and sending down holy books will not help him, if there is no slightest peacefulness in him. The only way to achieve accomplishments and realizations of desires is to worship God, to revere God, to give an ear to our nature, and to receive and accept the vindication and truthfulness of God Almighty. In today’s world, in which we witness modern manifestations of different kinds of sciences, technologies, interactions, and communications, modernizing and updating the humanities such as literature and art and religious orders is of prime necessity. In this way, well–in formed religious followers and emulators can open new horizons to religious authorities.
With these new thoughts in mind, I compiled multiple choice tests – regarding religious orders – which are easy to memorize, to help duty – bound followers in receiving instructions and tests. It is also noteworthy that any kind of copying and publishing of this book – for the purpose of propagating religious orders – is not only allowed, but is also appreciated by the author. God Bless you!

By: Saeed Ghazipour


 A Collection of Essayistic Tests

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